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A — Anchors. B — Body Support.

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C — Connectors. D — Descent Rescue. E — Education.

F — Fall Protection for Tools. Netting and Guardrail Systems. Engineered Fall Protection Systems. It was just something that had to be seen to be believed. There was something so strangely perfect yet unpredictable about the feel that Nguyen had already so clearly established for the book that it definitely made a firm impression on the audience even amid all the announcements made that day.

The book is coming in a 30 page opening issue to stores in March, but I feel I ought to warn you that this book is so much more expansive than anything readers might be expecting.

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They are worlds oddly familiar, however, based in many ways on extensions of our own technological bent in the 21st century and the problems of industry that we currently face. In the end, the kickback on the first issue, no matter what you may be imagining, is going to be bigger than you expect.

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Hannah Means-Shannon: Jeff, what made you decide you wanted to write a story that centered so much around technology, or at least the ways in which technology affects life in big ways? Machines so complex that they are mirrors of us and become autonomous.

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HMS: There are so many details and interesting contrasts in the first issue of Descender alone, like noting population levels at different locations at different points in time. Was it overwhelming creating the detail level for an entire planetary system, their history, and interrelationships? I spend months building an entire universe.

I have a big bible of the galaxy TIM will be traversing. I know each planet, each alien species in great detail, and Dustin and I have worked really hard to give each world a very distinct look and feel.

I’D L Self-braking descender for rescue, with anti-panic function

We also wanted a very diverse cast, not just robots, but aliens and humans of all kinds. Is that kind of knee-jerk reaction partly what this story is about? So of course, that it a big part of the book.

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