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A worldview is a basic collection of beliefs about the world and how to live in it. It addresses questions like origins Where did we come from? These are basic religious questions, common to all.

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In fact, I agree with various sociologists of religion who say that in a secularised society worldviews act as religions. Taking this a step further, with the demise of explicit religious faith in the western world, social researchers have noted that we are now attempting to make religions out of all manner of things.

In Love: A History , British philosopher Simon May traces the idea of love through the centuries, noting how it was transformed by Christianity ie. These are all thoughts from secular writers. This leads to my conviction that humans have a God-void deep within them — an inner chamber in the soul meant to be occupied by him. We were meant to live in relationship to God and have our longings for meaning, destiny and identity fulfilled through him.

But it fits, especially when we note the capacity Christian faith has to change a person when they open their heart to this God Nicky Cruz is a good example. Her answer is intriguing. I was quite surprised at this answer. The two other references Rebekah mentions are worth clarifying. Jesus often used hyperbole to make a serious point.

Jesus called for total allegiance to his teaching rabbis of the day made similar demands of their disciples. And the claim was certainly justified if he was God incarnate. And he probably does!

Atheists deserve a place in interfaith dialogue

Matthew ; Luke These can be tricky passages, for sure. Once a pentecostal pastor, Dan is today an atheist evangelist and founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Dan has written one nontract called Why Jesus? Claims by some of the atheist writers Dan Barker included that Jesus may have never even existed draw on fringe voices outside of mainstream scholarship.

It was a good thing the show was only an hour! Again, I thank Rebekah for being a respectful and interesting dialogue partner. I hope the same can be said of me. Seller Inventory MX. Condition: Brand New.

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    Review : I remember the first time I saw Luis Palau. If a dialogue is meant to draw two parties toward the same reality, then fruitful dialogue means finding shared ground. So what ground do we share with atheists? We want the truth. Think of how Pilate met Christ.

    An Atheist asked a good question then argued and challenged Dr Zakir Naik BUT GREAT REPLIES

    These men were far apart, yet the question of kingship brought them into dialogue Jn Pilate may not have been in the religious circles of the scribes and Pharisees, but at least he had the honesty to speak to Jesus in a way those other groups never did. Having a truthful dialogue with non-believers does not mean you have to get very far into faith right away either. Everybody wants to love, and our desire to love at times brings us near unfamiliar faces.

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    Think of the Good Samaritan. Here is a man on the periphery of Palestinian society, who finds himself with little incentive to act towards his neighbor. Yet charity is what drives him to act. I think we struggle to have loving conversations with atheists because we fail to have truthful ones with them. A dialogue in love presupposes a dialogue in truth, and a failure to show charity in dialogue may be rooted in our failure to speak to non-believers with any real meaning.

    Believers and atheists fail to have a loving dialogue because they are both too busy making up a fiction of who the other side is supposed to be. Real love needs something real to love. The conversation with your coworker may have been artificial, but is your relationship with him any less so? If an atheist and a believer were honest with each other, they would see they have a common desire to love that is part of their being human.