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Running through our work is a constant weaving of different senses of Space, which oscillate around and sometimes blur the line between sonic space and the space of the cosmos. Our first, as yet unrealised installation, Space Is The Place was a triptych whose main theme was the uses of our solar system under late capitalism.

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We were interested in the cosmos as a space of political, military, and entrepreneurial contestation. We were interested in Galileo as an ambiguous presence in scientific orthodoxy, and evoked him as a reminder of an heretical, counter cultural conception of the cosmos as a space in which scientific inquiry and metaphysical reflection might exist in some kind of harmony; the cosmos as a kind of mirror of human possibility, of the poetic imagination.

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The Dub Museum Austria, approached the question of space from a musical and historical perspective. Cosmic space and counter cultural space formed the basis of Dissolve London, One of the things that drew us to Zabriskie Point was the wish of its protagonist to explode, to blow sky high and higher the suffocating dream environment of corporate culture. An instance of purely filmic space dissolving the space of high capitalism.

Kosmos In Blue marked a return to Sun Ra and a further working of the space of the cosmic into the space of the sonic. People who like Risk Pool and Nobody's Fool should go back to see where he started.

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ISBN Pdf. The art work is stunning and I confess that I was seduced by its beauty and not the reading appeal for young children.

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Becca Hernandez is a sweet girl with terrible luck with men—and worse luck with sex. Wine is just so much more fun after you read this book, because he shows you how to be a discerning customer without being obnoxious about it. Kass does just that.