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A roadmap for urban evolutionary ecology

Advanced graduate and undergraduate students, researchers, and specialists in evolutionary biology and evolutionary studies. Early history 2.

  1. Urban Evolutionary Ecology and the Potential Benefits of Implementing Genomics..
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Life-history evolution 3. Population regulation and density-dependent natural selection 4.

Evolutionary ecology of nectar | Annals of Botany | Oxford Academic

Population stability and evolution 5. Evolution of age-specific patterns of survival and reproduction 6. Competition within and between species 7. Foraging behaviour 8.


Reproductive systems 9. His research includes the development of theoretical models to guide research and experimental evolutionary approaches to the study of adaptation. More recently Dr.

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    Evolutionary Ecology

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    Conceptual Breakthroughs in Evolutionary Ecology

    Paperback ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press. We then explore approaches to investigating population biology of organisms such as estimating dispersal and gene flow in real landscapes in a coherent progression encompassing small and large ecological scales. These concepts are illustrated by exploration of exciting examples encompassing pure and applied science, including urban ecology, invasion and conservation biology, global change ecology, with associated practical work.

    We examine fitness in natural populations and the special issues of small populations, particularly inbreeding depression, loss of genetic variation, limits to adaptation to new environmental pressures, and the relationship between genetic variation and extinction risk of populations and species. We investigate how genetic variation in organisms is associated with ecosystem function, ecological community structure and protection against environmental change.

    The unit ends with an assessment of how evolutionary principles can be applied to try and assist biota to adapt sufficiently rapidly to survive rapidly changing environments with multiple stressors.

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